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The natural grandeur of Arcachon Bay

Yours to discover from our seaside hotel

From our hotel opening up onto Arcachon Bay, you’re at the gateway to a new world that's all yours to discover. Around this Atlantic cove, set off on a trip that will take you eastward towards the Ville d’Automne, then onto the authentic fishing quarter of the Port de l’Aiguillon. Both bustling and serene, this is the centre of oyster-farming. You’ll then discover La Teste de Buch as you continue your journey round the bay anti-clockwise.

The Dune of Pilat, 110 m tall with a panorama over the Banc d’Arguin, may also be at the top of your list of things to see and do. Otherwise, there are many other attractions in this stupendous area. You might want to discover an endless pine forest or the vast ocean beaches. There are also trips by water shuttle (they also depart from Arcachon) to the Banc d’Arguin for a day out and a picnic or the Île aux Oiseaux and its cabanes tchanquées (magnificent wooden huts on stilts that used to be used to watch the oyster farms) at the heart of a wild and preserved landscape. And you can also explore the area aboard a sea kayak.

You can also take some time to discover Gujan-Mestras, the town of seven oyster ports, where the passionate daily work is part of the heritage and may just inspire you. Whether by bike or on foot, a path along the coast will lead you from port to port over 7 km, where the high or low tide will unveil radically different landscapes before your eyes. In Le Teich, you’ll find the bay at its most bucolic and earthy. With wooded swamps, humid prairies, a bird sanctuary, a string of creeks along the delta of the River Leyre, it’s a guaranteed getaway. The uniqueness of the heart of Arcachon Bay, with its five communities, will enchant you by the delicacy of its preserved natural spaces, while its unique setting will lure you to the north of the bay to the edge of the municipality of Lège-Cap-Ferret.

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